What is the function of the reverse radar?

2023-06-02 331

The function of the reversing radar is to automatically activate it when reversing, allowing the owner to know if there are any obstacles behind the car without looking back, making parking and reversing easier and safer. Reverse radar is a device that uses sound or a display screen to inform drivers of obstacles around the car, solving the problem of drivers being unable to see around when reversing, parking, or starting the car. It helps car drivers eliminate the defects of blurred vision and blind spots. The car reversing radar mainly consists of a display, controller, and ultrasonic sensor. The display is a sensor used to detect the distance between obstacles in a car. When the sensor reaches a dangerous distance, the system sends a warning through the display to remind the driver of the car; The controller can process signals, calculate the orientation and distance between obstacles and the vehicle body; The main function of ultrasonic sensors is to send and receive ultrasonic signals, input signals to the host, and display them on the display screen.