The main functions of anti-theft devices

2023-06-01 354

1) Anti theft: if there is an illegal burglary, immediately report to the police on the spot and send out the alarm signal
2) Anti theft: If encountering a burglary, an alarm signal can be immediately sent
3) Help: Can be used for elderly and children at home to call for help in accidents and emergencies
4) Fire prevention: Detect indoor smoke through smoke detectors in a timely manner and issue a fire alarm
5) Combustible gas poisoning prevention: able to detect leaks of gas such as coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and natural gas, and report to the police in a timely manner
6) Fully automatic alarm: Once an alarm occurs, the host automatically dials the set phone number in a loop, such as connecting to the alarm center for alarm or issuing a voice alarm signal
7) Remote monitoring: After connecting to the alarm phone, it can immediately monitor and judge the movement of the indoor scene, so that action can be taken.
8) Remote control in a remote location: The owner can use their phone or phone to deploy or disarm the home host from a remote location. Partial defense can also be implemented, such as removing security in the living room at home and installing security in balcony windows.
9) Classification: According to their usage, they can be divided into car anti-theft alarms, motorcycle and electric vehicle anti-theft alarms, home anti-theft monitoring alarms, office anti-theft alarms, etc.